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How to Pick a Poster Size

An easy guide to picking a poster size 

Now that you've found poster art you love for your home, the next step is finding the right size and frame to display it all. We understand this can sometimes be a daunting task and we are here to help! Let’s tackle this together with this quick and easy guide below.

There are 3 important things we need to know:

  1. Where will the art be displayed? 
  2. What size(s) of art will fit into that space?
  3. How can I mix different sizes of art?

To start, these are sizes that Deco Tot currently offers for our posters.

Our prints are designed to fit standard size frames available at major retailers. 

Print Size Centimeters Inches
9"x11" 23 x 28 centimeters 9 x 11 inches
11"x14" 28 x 36 centimeters 11 x 14 inches
16"x20" 41 x 51 centimeters 16 x 20 inches
18"x24" 46 x 61 centimeters 18 x 24 inches
24"x36" 64 x 91 centimeters 24 x 36 inches

To help decide what size poster fits your needs and to visualize how it will look in your home, we’ve placed a baby bull poster from our Baby Animals collection next to a standard size crib below. This shows the full range of poster sizes Deco Tot offers. 

Here is another example of the full range of sizes we offer from our Baby Animals Zodiac collection.


Poster Size Combinations 

Now that we can visualize what each poster size looks like, let’s tackle the next questions on our list.

What size poster should I get?”

“Should I get more than one poster?”

“If I do get multiple posters, how can I mix different sizes together?” 

All great questions! A few thoughts to consider when choosing a poster size or combination that is right for you:

What is the space where the poster art will be displayed?

It can be a piece of furniture like a crib or it can be a nook on a wall. Whichever space you choose, the length of that space becomes an anchor that will visually “hold” the art. For example, in the crib photo below, the crib is the space that visually “holds” the poster art. 

In the example below, we have a medium size baby Taurus poster from our Baby Animals Zodiac collection in the center of the crib (our anchor space) with two smaller Baby Animal posters complementing it.


In the example below, we have 6 small size posters from our Baby Animals collection taking up the entire anchor space of the crib.


A wider space can look amazing with multiple smaller size prints or various size combinations. A smaller space can look beautifully clean with one larger size print. 

Pro Tip: Use 1/3 of the space for single pieces of art

If you choose to hang only one poster, a quick hack is to choose a size that is about  ⅓ the width of that space. By doing this, we are making sure that the right and left of the poster is the same length as the poster itself, making the poster look perfectly centered within the space. 

The poster looks perfectly centered because it is ⅓  of the width of the crib


Working within the parameters of the space is a quick way to eliminate sizes that would otherwise be too small (do not fill the space fully) or too big (hang too much outside of that space).

Part 2: How to Pick a Frame